Friday, June 28, 2013

Anal Toy Play

Many people shy away from the idea of anal sex. Maybe they think that only gay men enjoy anal sex and use anal sex toys. They thought that there are only male anal sex toys or anal sex toys for men or what they call – gay sex toys. Maybe they've never considered the anus as an erotic area, or they feel it's somehow icky. Or maybe they just have no idea how to actually do it. Whatever the case is, rest assured that anyone - that means whether they're straight, gay, men, women or couples - can enjoy anal sex.

Anal play can be a great experience for both sexes. The anus is rich in nerve endings so great pleasure can be achieved from anal stimulation.  Unfortunately, many people's experience with anal play has not been positive because of lack of lubrication, lack of patience or by using the wrong sex toy. This article will teach you about the different types of anal sex toys for beginners and how to use them so your next venture into anal play will be a great one.

For first time users of anal sex toys, it is important to remember to shop sex toys wisely because flexible type toys may be hard to insert as you may be tensing and inadvertently keeping your sphincter muscle tight and closed, not allowing the toy to enter. A lot of lovers are discovering about the joys of anal sex toys, either as part of foreplay or during sex. But if neither you nor your partner have tried anal toys, you may be a little confused about exactly what those funny-shaped things are and how to use them. Anal sex toys fall into three main categories: anal beads, anal plugs, and prostate massagers or vibrators.

You want an anal bead that is one continuous piece of rubber, silicone or TPR. Anal beads like this are easier to clean and the materials are firm yet soft to make for a more pleasurable experience. A good example of these beads are jelly anal beads with 10 beads that start at only a quarter-inch diameter. Of course there are beads on actual strings, and even vibrating anal beads that light up and flash in different colors -- you have to see these work to believe them! And if you’re worried that these toys might get lost “up there,” relax: anal beads come with handles.

Butt plugs are designed exclusively for anal play. You can get them made of jelly, rubber, glass, TPR, silicone, metal or wood. This anal sex toy is designed to be put into a rectum and to stay there. This provides a great deal of pleasure to many people. Butt plugs can vibrate or not, and many of them come with a suction-cup base for solo play. Then there are plugs that are more like a combination of anal beads and butt plugs. For a mind-bending sensation, you can also get anal plugs that vibrate.

One For The Boys: Prostate Massagers and vibrators: Oh baby, oh baby! If your man’s goal is a dynamite orgasm that leaves him quivering in pleasure (and whose goal isn’t?), a prostate vibrator will sure get it done! Prostate or P-spot stimulator wand-type vibrators are basically shaped like a finger with the tip crooked in a “come here” gesture – just about the same shape as a woman’s G-spot vibrator.

All you need is the desire to do it. In fact, anal sex can be a wonderful way to spice things up in the bedroom. In fact, those who practice this sex act will tell that you that it feels great ... at least once you get past your initial reservations. Why? This area of the body is rich with sensory nerve endings and pleasure points, which can lead to incredible orgasms.

These days, anal sex and anal sex toys have lost the taboo status that kept couples from discovering the fun and pleasure of this special, natural act. Sure, it takes a little practice and a sense of adventure, but we think you’ll find that “going in the out door” is worth the trouble!

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