Friday, June 28, 2013

Anal Oral Sex

Once thought taboo, anal sex is now more mainstream than ever. So are more women having anal sex these days, or are they just more comfortable admitting that they do?

Men and women have always enjoyed having anal sex. Anal sex for men is just natural. There are a lot of anal sex positions already, especially gay anal sex. Generosity, I'm talking about a specific kind of generosity: giving and receiving oral sex. For all our sexual sophistication, this act still has the power to make us squirmy. People either want more of it or don't want it at all or want to receive but not give it or -- you get the picture. Some people engage in oral sex more often than sexual intercourse. Some view oral sex as casual and risk-free, while others use oral and anal sex as a way to technically preserve their virginity.

Although times are changing, some men and women have misgivings about both giving and receiving oral sex. Not all couples are comfortable with it and may need some encouragement in this area of lovemaking. Other couples already enjoy oral sex, but they may be able to use new information to improve their knowledge. So here are some oral sex tips!

Analingus is defined as oral stimulation of the anus. Some people call it rimming or anal-oral sex. Most people are either for it or against it. Very few people are neutral.

Rimming for the guys like having their perineum massaged or caressed or rubbed during oral sex or intercourse, they love it. Unlike intercourse, in which you're equal participants, oral sex is usually something one partner gives while the other receives. It's the giving part -- and the corresponding power to withhold -- that makes oral sex unique. It's sufficiently socially acceptable that people feel okay about asking for it -- as opposed to say, anal sex. But oral sex is still considered enough of an extra that folks can't complain too loudly if their spouses won't partake very often. Since, it's human nature to want what's hard to get, it's a small surprise that this one little act can produce so many tiffs.

How to give oral sex? Giving great oral sex means knowing your partner's likes and dislikes which is made much easier through communication. This may seem like an awkward thing to discuss, but done in the right way, it can simply turn into talking dirty to one another and make things even hotter. Saying things like "I love when you flick your tongue like that," or "I love the way you feel in my mouth, do you like when I do this... or this... baby?" can make things hotter as well as informative.

Oral sex for women have different options, it’s how you and your man want to finish. Your man could masturbate while you are rimming him. Men who respond well to rimming say that it really increases the intensity of their orgasms. Your man may want you to bring your mouth back to his penis to finish him. If so, you can still use your lubed finger to rub him there while he is reaching his climax.

Figuring out oral sex isn't brain surgery: it's pretty uncomplicated, and doing it "right" for a partner just has to do with listening, being responsive, and being willing to experiment, just like any other kind of sex.

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